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Pad Printing Steel Plates

The surface parallel of all ELECTROTECH steel plates are apply to both the open and cup pad printers !

Thin Steel Clichés
In pad printing, thin steel plates are used for small to medium-sized production runs. Thin steel plates are very cost effective, easy to etch and provide good printing results.
Steel Material Comparison & Production Parameters
Material Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
Thickness 0.25mm 0.25mm
Hardness HRC 52+/-1 HRC 52+/-1
Rust Resistance Ability
Common Size 70x140mm, 75x180mm, 100x210mm
100x200m, 100x215mm, 100x216mm,
100x250m, 100x260mm, 100x300mm,
100x350m, 100x400mm, 120x250mm, 150x300mm ...
Use For Printers Apply to all kinds of various Pad Printing Machines Such as Tampo, Kent, Kinnari, Rita, Mortex, Candour Sharpline, Seco & All Indian & Imported Etc.
We Produce Pad Printing thin steel plates in various Specifications and punching holes according to your drawing or samples.

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